My Final Thoughts Questionnaire


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For your loved ones, this selfless act of planning and preparation leaves behind a clear understanding of your final wishes, allowing them to know exactly “what you would have wanted” during a time of extreme grief and loss.

For you, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment and “peace of mind”, knowing that you:

1.  Worked hard and sacrificed the time and effort to take care of your loved ones
2.  You cared enough to plan and prepare for something you knew would very difficult some day
3.  One of the last memories you will leave behind is showing how much you loved and cared
4.  By minimizing or eliminating many of these emotional and financial pressures, this allows your loved ones to focus on planning your special memorial service and end of life celebration, reflecting back on your life’s story, and cherish all your great memories shared together

Please ask yourself this question: “Today, does my current plans include the message and memory I want to leave behind?”  If not, we can assure you that your loved ones will be grateful for taking this all-important first step!

1. Pay for the My Final Thoughts plan.
2. Complete the My Final Thoughts Questionnaire
3. Work closely with your adviser on any further questions